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In this combat strategy game for 2-4 players, you are cursed humans, battling underground.

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What is a bunch of rats called?
8 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 09:55:51 PM

A MISCHIEF! And that is what you are all getting in essence form. Drink it up!

Now...we know we showed you one hidden Familiar in the page...but we lied. Sorry not sorry!


The first of the group we are calling The Fearsome is...

We are going to be posting a gameplay update, informing you all about how The Dragon, The Shade, and The Plague Rat, and the next round of Familiars works. They are soooo much fun! Keep you EYE peeled over the next 48 hours for a detailed update!

Apologies for the delayed update here. We are all at PAX East, showing off Life Siphon and all of our other goodies! If you are here, please swing by booth TT51 in the Tabletop section. We will be running multiple demos of Life Siphon through Sunday, and will happily tell you some secrets about the game if you ask nicely :)



Lay Waste Games

Wyrmwood + Life Siphon!
8 months ago – Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 01:22:42 AM

Hello cursed humans!

Some crafting has been going on behind the scenes and we are finally ready to release it from the shadows!

As we did in the past with Dragoon, we have decided to partner with the amazing folks at Wyrmwood for something truly special. Introducing the Life Siphon Tabletop Tiles! These items are so amazingly versatile, acting as magnetic component holders and coasters. We expect gaming groups to use them with all their games. However, these were made specifically for Life Siphon, with the ever-menacing eye burned into the center of each one.

The first tier is Cherry with the eye etched into the center with amazing precision.

The second tier is Wenge with the eye infilled with both Copper and Turquoise.

There are two tiers, each come with the game and three beautifully crafted tiles straight from Wyrmwood. If you would like to add any other items to these tiers, like Kickstarter Exclusives or Metal, you can either add funds during the campaign or in the pledge manager.

NOTE: The Kickstarter Exclusive Sleeve and Fabric Board are still $10 each for these tiers. 

We are so excited for these tiles, they feel amazing and the magnetic snap is one of the most satisfying things ever!!! If you have any questions at all, please let us know. And thank you all from the bottoms of our dark hearts.


Lay Waste Games

Is it warm in here or is it just me??
8 months ago – Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 06:49:37 PM

Hello cursed humans!

Essence of Flame unlocked. ROAR! We will keep saying it so get used to it...THANK YOU!

Look out, because now your dragons are all way more powerful. This is a great thing for you to beat down your opponent with may get beaten down too!

Onto the Essence of Shadow!


Lay Waste Games

8 months ago – Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 01:09:18 AM

Hello cursed humans!

You did it! Your game will now come with Plague Rats inside. Lots of adorable and horribly gross (but cute) rats. ENJOY IT!

With these new Familiars, perhaps you could use something to enhance their power a bit. Well, we've had something brewing in our cave for a while, and are psyched to show you!

These 3 vials will sit in front of each player, next to their tomb, and are one-time use, powerful abilities sourced from the 3 new Familiars. It was particularly hard to siphon out the Essence of Flame. Dragons are tough! Once used, you flip it to the empty side, so make sure to use it at the right strategic moment!

Thank you all so much for keeping this campaign moving at a killer pace. This game is going to be the best it can be thanks to your help! We still have lots of fun stuff planned, so keep your eyes peeled!


Lay Waste Games

AH!!! What just brushed my leg!
8 months ago – Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 04:27:10 PM

Hello cursed!

The Shade is unlocked! And it is only going to get better as we.....AHHH! What was that!? I felt something brush my leg. EWW IT'S A RAT! But it looks...weird....

Oh no! It's the Plague Rat! Strangely, the little thing looks kind of cute. I bet everyone would love snuggling up with it when going to sleep. This is why we are making The Plague Rat plushie!!! Available to everyone as an add-on for $20, it will be about 10" tall and absolutely adorable.

Thank you all for getting us this far! We are so excited to make this game and this plushie!!!


Lay Waste Games