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In this combat strategy game for 2-4 players, you are cursed humans, battling underground.

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about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:27:08 PM

Hello cursed humans!

BIRD! You all now have a derpy Penguin Meeple to do with as you see fit. Will they adorn your desk or live inside your game, only to be unleashed when you see fit? The choice is yours!

We had a few other stretch goals up our sleeve, but decided to simply give them to you!


Why? Because you all have been awesome during this entire campaign, commenting, participating, and trusting us with getting you a great game. So to give back, no more stretch goals. You just get...

If you have a free moment, all we ask is for you to share the campaign online via the links below, it would go a long way.



Thank you all again for backing the campaign. It means everything to us. We cannot wait to get this game into your hands and curse you. But in a good way :)


Lay Waste Games

You have skulls! And next...BIRD!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 02:32:22 AM

Hello cursed humans!

Skulls! All the skulls! YOU HAVE EM! So we're done, right? No more stretch goals? Yea, let's just end here. Oh wait. BIRD!

We dare you to find another campaign you can convince to give you this derpy little thing. YOU CAN'T! And to be honest, we don't know why we are doing it. Look at that bird? It can't even fly.

There have been some amazing house rules so far for the Penguin and the Lay Waste crew is confident that a contest is in order. We are debating a few different things, but we need your input. Throw your thoughts into the comments!

  • Should the house rules be for 1 Penguin or the add-on set of 12 Penguins?
  • Does everyone want to submit rules now or after they receive the game?
  • Should there be a trophy? Perhaps a giant...metal...golden...derpy...penguin?!

 You have all helped shape Life Siphon in a big way! It is really amazing. Check it out in all it's glory thus far! 

Our 3D designer is working on the new 3D models, Nick is feverishly finalizing all the new art, Zach and Jake are playtesting all the latest rules, and Jon is making sure the path to manufacturing is ready to rock. 

Thank you all so much for all your support thus far. 6 more days!


Lay Waste Games

New Stretch Goals + Add-ons + BIRD!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 11:31:35 PM

Hello cursed humans!

The Spell Breaker has arrived and The Fearsome are complete! We decided to reveal both of the next stretch goals because...BIRD! Yes, the overwhelming requests for a derpy little flightless bird was too much for us to handle.

But first, The Fearsome Skulls! These skulls are used to hold The Fearsome while they are unsummoned. Once a player summons one of the Fearsome, they place them on the board, take their skull, and flip it over to read their stats. They look truly amazing and evil on a table next to your book and vials.

Now onto this derpy little bird. We are giving The Penguin in two ways. You can unlock one for every backer for free with the stretch goal. We've also given everyone the ability to order 12 penguins so you can use them to replace various familiars during the game or make your own sweet house rules. We have some ideas on what rules would be fun, but we want to know yours first! Post them in the comments below. If we see some really good house rule ideas, we might run a contest :)

We've also added a pin. But not just ANY pin. This is The Eye, chained up before it's unleashed by you silly humans and curses everyone! And it glows in the dark! It was released at PAX East 2019 and we saved some for our backers! There are about 500 left, so if you fill out the BackerKit pledge manager quickly after the campaign, you can snag one.

REMINDER: If you want any of the add-ons, simply add the funds onto your current pledge and you can select them post campaign. You will be able to still buy them post campaign, but the funds won't contribute to the stretch goals.

We are amazingly happy with the way the game is shaping up. So much fun material unlocked thanks to everyone reading this. THANK YOU ALL! Let's keep it moving so we can GIVE YOU BIRD!


Lay Waste Games

Solo Madness Mode + Two Player Rules!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 12:31:13 AM

Hello cursed humans!

We are almost in the presence of The Spell Breaker! SO CLOSE! But first, we want to break down something we are super excited about. Below are short explanations of both Solo Madness Mode and Two Player, but you can find the current in-progress rules here in full. Solo and Two Player are at the end of the document (pages 6-9).

Also, here are the next two stretch goals! You can read these, right? We just played Madness Mode, and feel a

Solo Madness Mode!

You take on 3 Lairs of Familiars at the same time! Whenever you take out one of the enemy Familiars, twice as many will spawn in their place! Survive as long as you can without going mad!

Two Player!

All 4 sections of the board will be used as though there are 4 players, but you and the other real player will share control in different ways of the ghost players. You and the other real player sit across from each other and share control of players 2 and 4. You control everything about the player to your right's turn EXCEPT how they attack (the other real player will choose how they attack you). You win either by taking out the player to your left OR the player across from you. Make sure the player to your right is strong enough to protect themselves from the player across from you, but not so strong that they can take you out!

Get ready humans. You should be...

pretty energetic, nearly great, utterly intensely nonplused.


Lay Waste Games

Life is given. Spells are broken.
about 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 07, 2019 at 07:00:26 PM

Hello cursed humans!

Life! It's a good thing to have in Life Siphon. Go figure! Now you have the ability to get even more of it with The Life Giver.

It's finally time to round out the Fearsome with the last member!

The Spell Breaker allows you to draw an extra card when it deals damage. Some say it is the most powerful of the Fearsome, though it is highly dependent on your style of play.

Either tomorrow or Tuesday, we will be dropping some super fun info on solo and 2 player modes, so stay tuned!


Lay Waste Games