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In this combat strategy game for 2-4 players, you are cursed humans, battling underground.

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Games are on the water!
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 01:04:15 AM

Hello cursed,

Small but sweet update! We have received confirmation that all copies of Life Siphon (and add-ons) are on the water, bound for the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU (where the rest of the world will be fulfilled from). The journey is long and delays could occur due to weather, so fair warning. But for now, sleep tight knowing everything is where it should be for a late February delivery to your hands :)


Lay Waste Games

Get your shelves ready!
5 months ago – Fri, Jan 03, 2020 at 04:19:54 PM

Hello cursed!

We are super happy to say that Life Siphon is hitting the ocean on-or-before January 15th. Production is wrapping up, and barring any major, last minute issues, games will begin shipping to you mid-to-late February.

ADDRESS LOCK: 1/10/20 at 10am EST


If you do not fill out the survey or have an inaccurate address, you run the risk of not receiving your game, or needing to pay for shipping multiple times.

That is all. We leave you with this photo of our artist and cofounder Nick Nazzaro, holding a rat plushie, with questionable facial hair choices. Our guess is he was cursed and now must rock this stache.


Lay Waste Games

Timeline + PAX Unplugged
6 months ago – Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 09:25:32 PM

Hey cursed!

Let's get right into it with a timeline update. We tried our best to get the game into your hands before the end of the year but it unfortunately did not work out. It may have been possible if we rushed through some quality checks, but we opted to prioritize quality first, as we do with everything. We only have one chance to get you the best possible game.

A lot of companies are trying to get games finished before the tariffs kick in (Dec 15), which caused some delay. However with the extra time, we were able to make some final changes to the rulebook, fabric board, sleeve, and punchboards.

The games are currently getting onto the ocean in January, but we do not have an exact date yet. Longpack has confirmed they will be doing everything as quickly as possible while maintaining their high quality standards. Which we support!

We are keeping a very close EYE on how production is progressing, so if we hear anything further, we will definitely let you know.


We are going to be in Philadelphia for the third PAXU with preproduction copies of Life Siphon in hand! Come by to check it out and also get to play a new Dragoon expansion we have been working on. It's quite explosive!

Thank you all for your patience with Life Siphon! We think you're going to be very happy with what we've created :)


Lay Waste Games

Order Lock Date + Life Siphon in all its glory!!!
7 months ago – Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 01:24:18 AM

Hello cursed humans,

First, let's get this out of the way...

OCTOBER 29 at 9am EST - Orders Locked

NOVEMBER 1 at 9am EST - Cards Charged

This means you need to have your full orders in by October 29, and have your most up to date credit card input by November 1. There will be time to resolve credit card issues after. No set date on when that runs out, but please do it ASAP. Any delays with resolving addresses and credit cards will result in delays to your game shipping and potentially prevent you from receiving your reward.


We could not be more excited to finally show you Life Siphon in its (nearly) final state! There are some minor changes that will occur, but this is about 95% final. Check it out!

The table presence is truly amazing when you first see it!  We have poured so much time and energy into this game to ensure you are all happy when you crack it open. Everything is bright, fun, and heavy. The box clocks in at 12"x12"x3" and can hold all components, including the metal! We even left some extra room for the future, whatever that may hold ;)

Thank you all for you patience with Life Siphon. We have powered through a lot on our end to bring this to life and we fully understand that waiting isn't easy or fun.

We are speaking with the factory this week about our notes and should have some solid date estimates soon. Right now, it looks like we are straddling 2019 and 2020 for receiving the games, but Longpack has worked magic for us in the past. We will report back once we have word from them.

In the meantime...get excited! Life Siphon is almost here!!!


Lay Waste Games 

New Photos! + Meeples and Timeline Update
9 months ago – Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 11:26:52 PM

Hello cursed humans!

We have been extremely hard at work, heads down and creators creating, preparing Life Siphon. And it sure is looking real pretty! Here is the box back currently. That damn penguin made the cut and is derping hard in the lineup.

The Kickstarter Exclusive fabric mat has really taken shape and it looks killer.

And the plushie is looking fresher than ever!


You still have some time to adjust your orders. We will alert everyone before orders lock, before you are charged, and before the ability to update addresses shuts down. No worries :)


We were planning on posting an update today locking in a timeline, but we've encountered some subpar meeples that we need to resolve. Here is an example. 

As you can see, the Pain Maker was too faded with UV transfer, and far too messy and unclear with both screen printing attempts. And we are not a company that settles for "meh" quality. We hoped these methods would result in a nice varied look, which they did on some. Take the Dread Knight for example. 

This was exactly the varied look we were hoping for. Adds character to each piece while maintaining a consistent look. However, over time, the screens wear due to the small dots, creating subpar quality even on these Dread Knights.

In comes heat transfer! While this is a far more expensive process, it will get us precisely the look that was drawn for each meeple. Here are some samples of what heat transfer looks like. It is basically a 1:1 rendering of the art.


 We now need to go through another round of sampling, which will put production for the meeples behind the rest of the components, resulting in a delay. Here is our current timeline with the heat transfer meeples.

  •  8/19: Production started on the plushies and metal
  •  9/1: Production starts on printed components
  •  9/15-9/30: Production starts on meeples
  •  11/15-11/30: Production finishes and games ship
  •  12/15-12/30: Games received and fulfillment starts

We are hoping to hit Christmas, which is definitely in the cards. If the production gods are kind and no issues crop up, we can hit it. However, if there are issues, as always, we will keep you informed of any problems or delays.

If you have questions about this timeline, feel free to toss a comment below :)


Lay Waste Games